Tokyo's iconic Nakagin Capsule Tower to be demolish

Tokyo’s iconic Nakagin Capsule Tower to be demolish

The Nakagin Capsule Tower is seen in downtown Tokyo on April 01, 2022, in Tokyo, Japan. The futuristic building mixed-use residential and office tower designed by architect Kisho Kurokawa consists of 144 individual capsules (to be replaced every 25 years). It was constructed between 1970 and 1972. According to the local media, the tower is now slated for demolition on April 12. Gallery pictures of … Continue reading Tokyo’s iconic Nakagin Capsule Tower to be demolish

Comic Market (Comiket) 96

  A cosplayer poses for a photograph during the Comic Market (Comiket) 96 event in Tokyo Big Sight on August 11, 2019, Tokyo, Japan. Many manga fans and cosplayers lined up despite to the hot weather in Tokyo, which temperature reached 35.5 degrees Celsius, in the second day of the Comiket. The Comic Market was established in 1975 and focuses on manga, anime, gaming and … Continue reading Comic Market (Comiket) 96

Niconico Chokaigi 2019

April 27, 2019, Chiba, Japan – Cosplayers pose for a photograph during the Niconico Chokaigi festival in Makuhari Messe Convention Center. The annual Niconico Chokaigi is organized by Japan’s largest social video website Niconico to create Niconico’s virtual world in real life. The exhibition brings together Japanese traditional culture performers, video gamers, anime creators, j-pop musicians and cosplayers. Organizers claim to attract 150,000 visitors during … Continue reading Niconico Chokaigi 2019

Orangutan zoo escape

Orangutan zoo escape emergency drill in Tokyo

A zookeeper wearing orangutan costume tries to escape while zookeepers hold up a net in an attempt to capture it during an Escaped Animal Drill at Tama Zoological Park on February 22, 2019, Tokyo, Japan. The annual escape drill is held to train zookeepers what to do in the event of an animal escape. This year a member of staff wearing an orangutan costume was … Continue reading Orangutan zoo escape emergency drill in Tokyo